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We are the most largest manufacturers of Polyethylene Tape for the Corrosion Control of pipelines and specialty applications A joint stock enterprise possessing a gross investment of RMB 42 million registered capital of RMB 10 million A Global company supplying Polyethylene Coating Systems to the corrosion industry within the oil gas and water pipeline construction industry for both onshore and offshore applications A manufacturer of standard and specialty products High quality anti corrosion systems providing anti corrosion solutions for oil pipelines natural gas chemicals and water transmission and distribution pipelines etc Global supplier of PE corrosion system for metallic pipelines...

Categories and Products

Butyl Rubber Pipe Coating

Pipe Anticorrosion Tape

Polyethylene Butyl Rubber Tape For Pipe anticorrosion Pipe Anti Corrosion Butyl Rubber Tape For Pipe Pipeline Coating Polyethylene Self Adhesive Tape Underground Pipeline Tape Butyl Rubber Adhesive Tape Gas Pipeline Wrapping Tape Anticorrosion Tape Pipe Anti Corrosion Wrapping Tape For Pipeline Pipe Inner Anticorrosion Wrap Tape Similar WIth Polyken Polyken Pipe Anticorrosion Wrap Tape For Steel Pipe 

Mechanical Protection Tape

Mechanical Protection Anti Corrosion Tape Pipe Wrapping Tape Self Adhesive Butyl Rubber Tape Corrosion Protection Outer Wrap Tape For Pipeline White Color Outer Wrapping Tape For Pipeline Polyethylene Outer Protection Tape For the Pipeline Polyethylene Mechanical Protection Anticorrosion Tape 

Pipe Joint & Repair Tape

Joint Wrap Tape For The Field Joints Fitting Pipe Joint Wrapping Tape For The Field Joints Polyethylene Joint Wrap Tape For Pipeline PE Anticorrosion Joint Rehabilation Tape Polyethylene Joint Repair Tape For The Pipe Fitting 

Pipe Double Side Adhesive Tape

Pipe Double Sided Butyl Rubber Tape Double Sided Butyl Rubber Tape For Steel Pipe Double Side Butyl Rubber Pipe Wrap Tape Double Side Butyl Rubber Anticorrosion Tape For Pipe Polyethylene 3ply inner Anticorrosion Tape For Pipe Polyethylene Three Ply Anticorrosion Tape For Pipe 

Bitumen Pipe Coating

Polyethylene Bitumen Tape

Polyethylene Modified Bitumen Adhesive Tape Self Adhesive Polyethylene Bitumen Adhesive Wrap Tape Cold Applied Pipe Bitumen Wrap Tape Pipe Wrap Tape Bitumen Tape Self Adhesive Bitumen Waterproof Tape Self Adhesive PE Bitumen Adhesive Wrap Tape Oil Pipe Polyethylene Anticorrosion Bitumen Tape Polyethylene Bitumen Pipe Wrap Tape for Anticorrosion 

Polypropylene Bitumen Tape

Polypropylene Bitumen Fiber Woven Anti Corrosion Tape Pipe Wrap Anticorrosion Polypropylene Bitumen Tape Pipe Wrap Anticorrosion PP Bitumen Tape Polypropylene Anticorrosion Bitumen Tape For Pipe Polypropylene Woven Fiber Bitumen Tape For Pipe Polypropylene Self Adhesive Bitumen Tape For Pipeline PP Woven Fiber Bitumen Anticorrosion Tape Self Adhesive Bitumen Wrapping Tape For Pipe Polypropylene Modified Bitumen Tape For Pipe 

Aluminum Foil Tape

Self Adhesive Waterproof Tape

Self Adhesive Aluminum Flashing Tape Hot Sell Roof Waterproof Aluminum Foil Tape Aluminum Foil Bitumen Adhesive Tape For Roof Reinforced Construction Waterproof Aluminum Flashing Tape Self Adhesive Flashing Tape Bitumen Adhesive Tape UV Resistance Aluminum Foil Butyl Rubber Flashing Tape Self Adhesive Bitumen Waterproof Seal Tape Self Adhesive Bitumen Adhesive Aluminum Flashing Tape 

Soundproofing Tape

Sound Deadening Tape For The Vehicle Structural Vibrations Soundproof Aluminum Bitumen Tape For Car 

Viscoelastic Pipe Coating

Viscoelastic Tape

Visco Elastic Tape For The Pipeline Anticorrosion Viscoelastic Butyl Rubber Anticorrosion Tape Butyl Rubber Viscoelastic Anticorrosion Tape Viscoelastic Anticorrosion Tape Pipe Wrap Tape Stopaq Viscoelastic Body Anticorrosion Tape Viscoelastic Adhesive Tape For Pipe Valve Flange Visco Elastic Butyl Rubber Adhesive Tape 

Viscoelastic Paste

Visco Elastic Paste For The Flange Pipe Anticorrosion Viscoelastic Butyl Rubber Adhesive Paste 

Sealing And Waterproofing Tape

Butyl Putty Tape

Double Side Butyl Sealing Tape Butyl Sealing Tape Putty Tape For Sealing Waterproof Seal Butyl Tape Leak Proof Tape Self Adhesive Waterproof Butyl Mastic Tape 

Concrete Sealing Strip

Concrete Sealing Strip For The Bridge Waterproof Concrete Joint Rubber Waterstop Seal Strip 

Heat Shrinkable Pipe Coating

Heat Shrinkable Tape

Polyethylene Heat Shrinking Tape For The Pipeline PE Film Heat Shinkable Tape For Steel Pipe Hot Melt Tape For The Steel Pipeline Hot Applied Hot Shrinkable Tape 

Heat Shrinkable Sleeve

Heat Shrinking Sleeve For Corrosion Protection Of Pipeline Hot Applied Hot Shrinkable Sleeve PE Film Heat Shinkable Sleeve For Steel Pipe Corrosion Prevention Heat Shrinkable Sleeve For Pipeline 

Epoxy Primer

Two Component Epoxy Primer Heat Shrinking Sleeve Primer For Pipeline Heat Shrinking Tape Primer For Pipeline 

Petrolatum Pipe Coating

Petrolatum Tape

Petroleum Tape For The Marine Pipe Denso Anticorrosion Petrolatum Tape For Flange Grease Fiber Corrosion Prevention Petrolatum Tape Pipe Tape Anticorrosion Denso Petrolatum Marine Tape 

Petrolatum Primer

Petroleum Primer For The Steel Pipe Anticorrosion Petrolatum Primer For The Marine Pipe Anticorrosion Offshore Marine Platform Anticorrosion Petrolatum Primer 

Petrolatum Paste

Petrolatum Mastic For Pipe Flange Valve Petroleum Mastic For Pipe Flange Valve Grease Fiber Corrosion Prevention Seant Petrolatum Mastic Densyl Mastic Filler Mastic Used For Sealing 

Liquid Adhesive

Quick Drying Liquid Adhesive Primer Liquid Adhesive For Oil Gas Water Pipe Pipe Wrap Tape Butyl Rubber Primer Pipeline Anticorrsion Primer For The Oil Water Pipe Liquid Adhesive Corrosion Control Primer 

PVC Electrical Tape

PVC Electrical Insulation Tape High Voltage Waterproof Rubber Electric PVC Insulation Tape PVC Insulation Tape Custom Multi-color Electrical Tape 

Tape Wrapping Machine

Tape Wrap Machine For The Pipe Anti Corrosion Automatic Pipe Wrapping Machine For PE Tape Hand Manual Pipeline Tape Wrapping Machine Easy Operation Tape Wrapping Machine Tape Wrapping Machine For Oil Gas Pipe Tape 

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